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hair care oil

A natural blend of virgin coconut oil and unique ayurvedic extracts.

Ayurveda is the treasure-house of health and beauty tips. The proper study and use of this tips can lift all our health and beauty problems. In olden days, people use natural methods to rectify their hair problems. There are herbal solutions to reduce hair fall, early grey, dandruff etc. And these natural tips leaves our hair thick and shining. But, in our modern life, these type of time consuming methods are inconvenient. But keranidhi is surely a customer-friendly magic. Its unsticky nature itself is an attraction.

Keranidhi hair care oil is a perfect solution for all your hair problems and it leaves hair silky and shining. This is a magical remedy for dandruff, hair fall, pre-mature greying and all other hair problems. Keranidhi hair oil assures clean scalp, healthy hair and coolness to head. This ensures proper sleep. The richness of virgin coconut oil combined with ayurvedic extracts makes all the difference. We promise a complete solution for all your hair worries. Each of the medicinal extracts have clinically proven records in hair care. And there is no need to say a word about virgin coconut oils remedial richness.

virgin coconut oil is the king of every oils. It has immense healing and nourishing capacities. We adds an array of herbal extracts to double the qualities of this organic hair care oil. These herbs improves hair growth, prevents hairfall and dandruff, lifts early greying. Besides, it heals the wounds in scalp, prevent itching, cough and headache, improves vision...what more can you expect from a hair oil? Thats why we proudly call this oil a complete solution for all your hair problems. Try and enjoy the difference in a natural way.


care oil

A Natural Hair Solution..!

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  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Bringaraja
  • Doorva
  • Narugundi
  • Neeli
  • Karnasputa
  • Dhathorva
  • Japapushpa
  • Kalasakha